TREES DON'T TRAVEL are a 5 piece band based in and around Aberfeldy and Dunkeld, in Highland Perthshire Scotland.

Formed in 2013, their original songs tell tales of imaginary train journeys to lives lost in a tequila haze; on love, loss and redemption; on the certainty of actions, consequence and fate. Most of all though, it's songs they just love to play. Their unique sound is variously described as Big Tree Country Bluegrass Americana....

Debut album ‘Rooted’ is out on CD and digital platforms, with 13 original songs. A second album, 'Flood', is just completed and is now released on CD and most digital platforms, iTunes, Spotify, etc. Over the last few years they have appeared at festivals such as Belladrum, Southern Fried, Edinburgh Fringe, March into Pitlochry and Tummel & Tay, and appeared on the STV Riverside Show. They have played concerts with amongst others, Woody Pines, Hannah Aldridge, The Furrow Collective, Ewan McLennan, The Lost Highway Ensemble, Hot Tin Roof, The Jellyman's’s Daughter,The Bevvy Sisters, Foy Vance, Cera Impala, Lake Montgomery, Mike Silver, Underhill Rose, Brooks Williams, Dean Owens, The Black Feathers and Santo Color. They regularly play gigs around Scotland from Inverness to Edinburgh, and played a short Holland tour in 2017. 


TREES DON'T TRAVEL ARE: Alastair Irvine, Rhythm Guitar. Henry Murdoch, Vocals. James Smith, Drums. Ricky Caplan, Lead Guitar. George Baxter, Double Bass. Click on the thumbnails to find out more about them.


Alastair Irvine

Guitar & vocals

Gold is his favourite colour. The number one his lucky number. He is a Taurean with the moon in Uranus.

Shipwrecked on a remote south pacific island as a baby after a violent storm had taken both the yacht he was travelling on and his parents, he was raised by a friendly pod of dolphins as one of their own. He was not to see another human for twenty five years, until rescued by a passing scientific research vessel.

The return to civilisation was a trying, traumatic and confusing time, but through introspection and meditation techniques he found peace, and was eventually able to express himself through the medium of music. This journey of reconciliation with his past continues to this day. It is said his grip on reality is becoming firmer.


James Smith


Plays the drums, has played since he was big enough to sit on a drum stool. Is now big enough to wield an axe and make decent coffee, but not at the same time – he's learnt that lesson.

Went missing in Glen Lyon once but was eventually found in a very small car. Can speak to animals and is good with police officers.


George Baxter


Plays double bass, still learning double bass. Does other stuff. Loves renewable energy. Used to do politics. Still does, after a fashion. Same with woodwork. Lives in Dunkeld. From Edinburgh originally. Played electric bass in bands when young(er), Ink of Infidels, Archbishop Kebab. Influenced by tonnes of all sorts of music that he likes - everything from jazz and country to punk and folk passing by ska, reggae and anything with heavy bass and drums along the way.

Can only take blues for very short periods due to a bad experience when he was a child. Favourite bass player: Jah Wobble. Favourite drummer: James Smith!


Henry Murdoch


Introduced to Elvis at 8 and loved to sing ever since.
First live performance, 1979 Love Battery by The Buzzcocks: great song, very bad rendition.
First gig "The Jam" Caird Hall Dundee.
Inspiration when growing up, Jim Morrison Frank Shepard and Geoff Pattinson.
Coolest meetings  ever had, David Byrne "Talking Heads". Beatrice Dalle "Betty Blue".
Day job -  essential!
Night job - time with pals in TDT, good craic, and a pint.
Feel lucky to live in Aberfeldy.


Ricky Caplan


Originally from Glasgow, has lived in London and Lincolnshire and Highland Perthshire for the past 8 years. Constantly appreciates the great community there. Music always been a deep influence. Anything from Robert Johnston to Sinatra, Hendrix to Joni Mitchell, Floyd to the Bonzos, Johnny Cash to Peter Green, Dylan to Pierre Bensusan with loads of others along the way.

Began dreaming about guitars when was about 12 and haven't stopped since. Brain malfunctions on philosophy that can never have too many guitars or bicycles although tries unsuccessfully to maintain a one in one out approach. Can't imagine life without a dog - preferably two.



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Gig Diary

Our latest live dates/events will appear here when confirmed...


1st January - New Year's Day - Aillean Chraggan - Weem  - time to be decided

9th February  - The Jazz Bar, Chambers St,  Edinburgh  -  9pm


10th May The Taybank Dunkeld  9.00pm one of our favourite places to play

25th May  Food in The Park - Blair Atholl  8.00pm - it's the Blair Atholl Highland Games - should be a cracker

1st June House Concert

27th July  Inn on the Tay  Grandtully  9.00pm  - outdoors in the open marquee on the decking overlooking the rapids - on with the Avon

17th August Kenmore Showground - outdoor gig - more Avon

25th August Dewars Aberfeldy - 8.00pm

31st August The Taybank Dunkeld 7.00pm - outdoor/indoors depending on weather. Big Tay Out

15th September 2pm - secret bothy location gig up in the clouds

28th September Food in the Park - Blair Atholl 8.00pm

17th October Dewars Aberfeldy - 9.00pm - part of October tayfest

8th November   Aillean Chraggan - Weem - 8.00pm

30th November Inn on the Tay - TBC - St Andrews Night



2nd November The Weem Inn 8.30 with The Bevvy Sisters - we love the Bevvys

15th September  Blair Atholl Beer Festival 8.00pm

7th September The Taybank, Dunkeld 9.30 unplugged - well sort of

1st September The Weem Inn 8.30pm with the super talented Brooks Williams and all the way from Mexico - Santo Color

25th August The Taybank, Dunkeld 5.00pm Outside if the weather's good

4th August  Barry Mill Festival, Carnoustie  7.00pm

21st July  The Weem Inn 8.30pm with Valentina and Voces Del Sur  Tango tango

22 June  Breadalbane Campus  7.30pm with Foy Vance, Star Wheel Press, Jon Plunkett and Morag Anderson

19 May  Aillean Chraggan - Weem - 9.00pm

4 May The Weem Inn 8.30 with the Bevvy Sisters - what a treat!

28th April The Taybank Dunkeld 9.00pm

18th April The Weem Inn 7.30pm with Dean Owens and Amy Geddes

15th April The Jazz Bar Chambers St Edinburgh 10.30pm

2nd March Spirit of Wood 8.00pm with Foy Vance

23rd January The Weem Inn 7.30pm with Underhill Rose from Asheville, North Carolina


31st December Aberfeldy Hogmanay Festival - The Square - 9.00pm with The Red Pine Timber Company

12th November The Weem Inn 7.30pm Supporting Mike Silver with an acoustic set of songs from our last two albums.

4th November The Glad Cafe Glasgow 8.00pm with the wonderful Hannah Aldridge all the way from Muscle Shoals, Alabama promoting her new album Gold Rush.

16th September Janefest 9.00pm

26th August Tayfest Dunkeld 8.30pm

12 August Aberfeldy Show, The Showground Aberfeldy 5.00pm

5th August Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival ( Bella Stage) Beauly

26th June Hostel Strowis Utrecht 3.00pm

25th June Groonveldt Amsterdam 9.00pm

24th June "BOSTIVAL" near Utrecht Holland 8.00pm

2nd June The Weem Inn 9.00pm with The Bevvy Sisters

7th May The Jazz Bar Edinburgh 10pm

6th May The Taybank Dunkeld 9pm

21st April Weem Inn 8pm with Cera Impala, Lake Montgomery and Wise L Leathermonk

17th March The Weem Inn 8.30pm with The Jellyman's Daughter

3rd March The Weem Inn 8.30pm with Hot Tin Roof

17th February The Weem Inn 8.00pm

20th January Spirit of Wood 8.00pm with Foy Vance


17th December The Taybank Dunkeld 9.00pm

26th November The Weem Inn 8.30pm with Ewan McLellan

18th November Aillean Chraggan - Weem - 9.00pm

28th October The Weem Inn 8.30pm with The Furrow Collective

21st October The Weem Inn 8.30pm with Hannah Aldridge and The Black Feathers

10th September The Taybank Dunkeld 9.00pm